Sunday, October 13, 2013

Super Sunday: DIY Autumnal Flower Crowns

As the color of the leaves change, your flower crowns should too.
Follow this easy and affordable tutorial for fashionable fall fun. 

Where should I buy my materials?

The simple answer is the dollar store.
I only recently discovered this as well, but dollar stores have a pretty good variety.
Here at ~*~Dollar Tree~*~ there is a wide selection.

It's a lot more inexpensive than Michael's or even Walmart.
If there's a Daiso in your neck of the woods, they are another good option. They have super affordable flowers for a decent quality.
Unless you are specifically seeking high end fake flowers (in which Michael's or Joann's is better suited), the dollar store is just fine.
Look at these pretty bunches!

What do I need? 
All you need is a glue gun, fake flowers, a plain headband (I just picked mine up from the Dollar Tree), and a good pair of scissors.
I like making my crowns on headbands since they look more casual and generally fit well on every head without falling off.

How do I make a flower crown?
Coordinate what color and theme you want your crown to be.
I am making rustic, classic, and wine themed 
autumnal crowns.
Remove the leaves, flowers, and berries you would like to use.
You may have to take off the plastic that holds the flowers together in order to glue it properly onto the headband.
You can either recreate the flower by gluing the individual pieces together or make a totally different flower with the material. Both look good when the crown is done.
Planning out your crown helps save time and energy.
Leaving about an inch off the ends of the band on each side, glue the pieces you want on the base of the crown first.
 I like to start with flat pieces like leaves.
Continue to layer on your materials with glue until complete.
You can vary your pieces with berries, twigs, or flowers.

How does it look when finished?
I am wearing the classic autumn crown.
Princess is modeling the rustic autumn crown.
And here I am again, this time wearing the wine themed crown.

Have fun and look pretty this fall season!

Writer: Potato
Photographer: Princess & Potato
Models: Princess & Potato
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