Sunday, October 27, 2013

Super Sunday: Basic "Ulzzang" Makeup Tutorial (+Zombie Bonus)

"Dying" to look cute and creepy?
Here's a ~unique~ attempt to show you how.

First put in contacts. I recommend wearing color and/or circle lenses to get the complete "Ulzzang" look.
Pudding has eyes for you. Huhuhuhu~
Apply BB cream with a triangle sponge evenly on your face. 
Product: Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream
Next apply concealer to under eye circles, dark spots, blemishes, or where ever else needed. Tip: Apply a little beyond the spot being covered in order to blend evenly.
Product: Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer (210)
Set your makeup with a powder foundation.
Ultimately, the key is to appear to have flawless skin.
Product: Phytogenic Infinite Powder Foundation from Face Shop.
Next up! Contouring.
Product: Michelle Phan Chiaroscuro Contour & Highlighting Stick
Contour along the sides of the nose to give the illusion of a narrowness.
In my opinion though, contouring is not always necessary.
Just do whatever you think looks best for your face!
To create a subtle but wide eye look, line your eye's waterline with white eyeliner.
If you have sensitive eyes, I suggest skipping this step.
Use black gel or liquid eyeliner to outline the upper lid.
 Feel free to add a small wing at the end of each eye.
Now for the fake lashes. Trim and bend the eyelash to the size and shape of your eye.
Then apply a thin layer of eyelash glue.
When the glue is tacky, gently lay the fake lashes along your real lashes.
After letting them set, apply mascara. If necessary, reapply eyeliner.
Throw on a wig and some accessories and you're all set!
We went more ~*~animu~*~ than ulzzang in this picture, but you get the point. 


Now to get gross and creepy in our
What you will need:
Eyelash Glue
Tissue Paper
Red, Purple, and Black Eye Shadow
Fake Blood

First douse apply a layer of eyelash glue where you want your zombie wound.
Next take a thin layer of ripped tissue and place it in the wet glue.
If you have double layered tissue, be sure to split the sheet.
This will act as rotting or peeling skin.
While the glue is still wet, add oats to your wound for texture
 When the glue is tacky, use tweezers to peel back bits of tissue and glue to look like ripped and puckered flesh.
 With a triangle sponge, dab and blend foundation over your wound.
 Apply red, purple, and black eye shadow in areas you want the wound to appear "open".
It looks gross even at the stage, but we're not done yet!
 Add fake blood to give your wound a more believable and oozy look.
And tada! Looking adorably nasty.
Who knows? Maybe you could be the next zombie web idol. Kekekeke~

Writer: Potato
Photographer: Princess & Potato
Model: Pudding 
(Cameo Appearance: Princess & Potato)
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