Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Fashion: Ultimate MILKBBI Sweatshirt

After weeks of bearing the chilly Berkeley weather, we are finally comforted by the infamous 'Ultimate MILKBBI Sweatshirt'.
Princess bought her sweatshirt in pink, size medium.
They're available only in two colors: pink & white.
I bought the white one in large.
Look at the cute details on the sleeves. 

Princess is about (by which I mean, barely) 5'4".
The sizes are unisex so they fit pretty loosely.

I'm about 5'5" with, in my opinion, pretty long arms.
So the large doesn't look overwhelmingly big.

Aesthetics aside, the sweatshirts are indeed the "ultimate". They have soft fleece so they're comfy and incredibly warm. The image is printed on a standard 'Gildan' sweatshirt and the print itself is good quality (so don't be afraid of it washing off). The price ($35) is pretty reasonable especially for a sweatshirt these days. And if you have friends longing for the mythical sweatshirt, order together to save on shipping ($10 within USA, varied for international).
This is a must have addition to every kawaii kids closet. So get your own today here

Writer: Potato
Photographer: Potato
Models: Princess & Potato
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