Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Meals: Little Plearn Thai Kitchen

With the vast number of Thai places in the Berkeley area, Little Plearn holds its own.
Staple dishes like yellow curry and the hot and spicy noodle soup are a perfect way to satisfy your Thai food cravings.

Potato and I like to try the Thai tea at every new Thai restaurant we go to, and Plearn's did not let us down.
Full-flavored. Not too sweet and not too diluted. Also, look at how pretty it is—that ratio of condensed milk to tea is perfect!

I also love curry in every shape and form so it is no wonder that I had to try the yellow curry. It was sweet and just spicy enough with a good amount of ingredients. I don't really like potatoes (haha) and so this curry was perfect for me because they were diced smaller and there were less. The downside was that rice cost extra and what is curry without rice or some form of carbohydrate??

And then there was Potato's order of hot and spicy noodle soup. Plearn's menu has a good variety of noodle soups, more than most, which is great when you want a noodle soup that isn't pho. The hot and spicy noodle soup had a wider rice noodle and a good amount of vegetables and seafood to go with it.

Also, Potato puts Sriracha on everything. 'Nuff said.

We will admit that the interior isn't the prettiest, but we kind of like our hole-in-the-walls. (Stay tuned for more "hole-in-the-wall" reviews. ;D)

Couldn't resist showing everyone their "Seasonal Favorites" sign. It's adorable.
If you're looking for a Thai place that's good and affordable and not too far away from student life, this is your place.
Food:  Good but not the best Thai food we've had. The variety of noodle soups is unique though.
Atmosphere:  Clean, lightly decorated but nothing notable. Also, a little run-down.
Service:  Good, fast service.
Price: Affordable, average "Berkeley" prices. *This place only accepts cash though!

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Pudding
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