Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fashion: Geo Tri Color Lenses

Circle Lenses just in time for Ha-Ha-Halloween!
What up what up! -DJ scrub sound- It's PuchiPuriRIN Pudding (눈u눈)v
Today we’ll be reviewing my latest circle lens arrival from pinkyparadise!

I usually get express shipping but a promotion for free global mail happened so why not-- right? It took about 20 work days which feels like a long time but it was within their 13-25 day promise!

 When it did come, it came in this well protected envelope, and even though it only had a few tiny things in it, it was thick with bubble wrap and each set of lenses was also wrapped up.

 It came with: Geo Tri Color Green, Geo Tri Color Brown, 2 free animal cases
(I got a pink hippo and a green pig this time! TuT), and two free gifts.

Before I get to the gist of things, it’s important to note that this PuchiPurin ain’t that into enlargement and lookin’ like a super desu-desu alien. I’m pretty much in it for a natural color change.

Geo Tri Color Green
 Overall Rating: 

 It isn’t quite the green I initially wanted, and I thought it would be a bit more yellow in tone and lighter, but I can work with it. The first day I wore it I received a handful of compliments ^^! Again, I’m not one for enlargement but it’s unavoidable with circle lenses. There is a slight enlargement but it fortunately isn’t large enough to be noticeable. Finally, it is incredibly comfortable and I hardly noticed it on me at all. 

Warning: Pinky sells lenses with the base curve of 8.6. These lenses are comfortable for me because I’m an 8.4, and though it should move around a bit on my eye, I haven’t found that to be a problem with either set. Be certain to check the base curve before buying any lenses. 
Geo Tri Color Brown
 Overall Rating: 
Okaaaay so I kind of really love these lenses. They’re kind of gold-ish and remind me of my EOS Adult Brown set, but it makes me look a lot less Twilight-y so I highly appreciate the duller color. I didn’t give it a 5 for color precisely for it being more yellow-gold than brown, but I still like it. Even though the diameter is the same as the green, lighter lenses usually make your eyes look bigger so it does the same for me. (Sometimes I wear my grey or brown lenses to skimp out on liner :P). 

They only look pretty fake if you’re about a foot or two away. Colored contacts with a more natural look tend to go for $90, and I’m not that serious about it. So try out a few colors, sizes, designs, and have some fun!

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