Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Meals: Musashi

Traditional Japanese comfort food that reminds you of home...
One of the only "authentic" Japanese restaurants in the Berkeley area that is both affordable and delicious. The cozy warm atmosphere lends well to the dishes that are just like mom would have made.

We ordered appetizers first and since I love fried tofu I decided to try their "Agedashi Tofu."
It did not disappoint.

This is one of Pudding's favorites. The chicken was perfectly moist with the crust being flavorful and a crunchy, golden brown. Yummmmm.

Also, for you hungry college students on a budget, one of the best things about Musashi is its weekly specials. This past week's was the seafood nabe. Fancy schmancy stuff for cheap. What more could you want?

But for you all who want the unique Musashi experience, the "Wappa Meshi" ("wappameaning circular bento box and "meshi" meaning meal) is definitely worth a try. I ordered the soboro (minced meat—in this case, beef) one which also had salmon, minced egg, and shrimp on a bed of rice. But my favorite part of the meal might have been the chawanmushi—the small bowl to the right—which is a savory egg custard with bits of mushroom and chicken throughout. It's perfect for the cold fall and winter weather here in the Bay.

Located in a small residential part of Berkeley, this spot is a secret hideaway that serves yummy homey-tasting food. You won't regret it.
Food:  Delicious home-cooked Japanese comfort food.
Atmosphere:  Cute and rustic-looking Japanese decor. Tends to get very busy at night.
Service:  Average—a little less hospitable than I would have expected from a family restaurant. 
Price: $ The weekly special is extremely affordable. Perfect for those one a budget.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Pudding
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