Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Meals: Toss Noodle Bar

Confession: We love noodles.
So we just had to try Toss, a trendy noodle bar that offers mix and match options for your noodle bowl. Cool right?

But before all of that, I just have to talk about the decor.

The design is modern but the atmosphere is extremely warm and inviting, which I think is kind of hard to do. Props for being able to do that.

But goodness, is the place hipsta. Look at all those mason jars (and don't forget the thai tea served in one!) Even the lamp cover is a mason jar.

And plants. I love plants.

Perfect for this past Halloween. The spider candle is adorable.
But I digress, onwards to the food! 

Potato ordered the thin rice noodles in Tom Kha soup—a sour and spicy Thai soup—with beef. Even though the Tom Kha soup wasn't as good as Little Plearn's, there was a nice balance of vegetables, meat, and noodles in the dish. And one of the nice things about this place is the price. Beef, pork, chicken, and tofu are all the same price! 

And of course, I had to order the Laksa curry soup—a Peranakan cocount milk and curry soup—with thin rice noodles and chicken. The soup is nice and mild so if you like curry without the spiciness, this one's great. The noodles were also perfectly al dente. Hehe.

Oh! And before I forget we also had the Thai tea which was kind of disappointing in comparison to all the others we've tried. However, the presentation was certainly better than the others.
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So if you're looking for a cute and stylish place for a date or even just for a night out, Toss is great and it will certainly impress, at least atmosphere-wise. There's also a good selection of noodles, soups, and curries so that if your dinner group happens to be pickier than most everyone can choose a personalized noodle dish! Potato and I have had better noodles elsewhere, but Toss is pretty affordable and it's cute, which is more than we can say for some. :D
Food:  We've had better but the selection is nice.
Atmosphere:  Really trendy, hipster, and warm.
Service:  Super fast even though it was busy!
Price: $ One of the cheaper noodle places in the area surprisingly.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Pudding

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