Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Meals: Namaste Madras Cuisine

Creamy, light sauces perfectly seasoned and served with your traditional naan and rice.
 We always used to pass by Namaste so one day we decided to give it a try. A large and open restaurant, it's become our go-to Indian place in Berkeley.

 Here's just a zoomed in picture of the roof supports. The arts and crafts style architecture is interesting to say the least. We love it. 
 We began our meal with some mango lassis that were delicately sweet and goodness, you could taste the mango. It really hit the spot.
 Oh and here's our basket of naan. You can never have enough naan, as we always say.
 I ordered the paneer masala and it was so good. For those who don't know, the paneer masala is a spiced tomato and cream sauce with cheese and onion. Oh and as you may have noticed, the serving sizes aren't as big as some other Indian places, but Namaste more than makes up for that in the quality of their dishes. 
Meanwhile, Potato ordered the saag paneer, a spiced creamed spinach sauce with cheese. She'd been searching for a great tasting saag paneer for a while now so she was ecstatic when she managed to stumble upon Namaste's.

Namaste has become our favorite Indian place in Berkeley. We hope you can go and try it out too!
Food:  Not the best Indian place we've been to but it's our favorite in Berkeley.
Atmosphere:  Large and open—perfect for large gatherings.
Service:  Friendly staff but not very attentive.
Price: $ Cheap Indian food made even cheaper by their student discount! Be sure to take advantage of that.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Pudding
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