Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fashion: Princess's Makeup Routine Tutorial

For those who wanna know how to apply makeup to monolids or "1½ lids"—lids that are in between a monolid and a double lid—here's a simple how-to guide to your basic cat eye.

So like all makeup tutorials, you'll want to start off with a nice clean base. Apply your favorite foundation and set it with some powder. I personally have dry to normal skin so I prefer liquid foundation, but feel free to use whatever suits your skin type. Dry foundations are great for oily skin.
Products: Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup Shade 01, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Cream Light 30
The first step to the cat eye is to line your eye with a wing outward. This may take a couple tries at first but what I suggest if you want to make your eyes look more awake and wider is to draw the wing out farther and higher to lift your eye. I definitely recommend using gel eyeliner and not liquid liner—actually don't use liquid liner at all unless you want your eyelid to stick together. (✖╭╮✖)
Product: L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H Blackest Black
Then comes the tricky part. Unlike the cat eye for double lids, you'll want to draw another line for the top border of the cat eye. The reason for this is that with mono lids and "1½ lids," cat eye makeup becomes almost invisible because when you close your eye, the eyeliner disappears! To fix this problem, we're going to make a thicker line on our eye. The new line should have the shape of the natural curvature of your eye socket but don't make the line so high as that. In other words, when you open your eye, you should still be able to see your eyeliner on your top lid without it covering your entire eyelid.
Then set your eyeliner with some black eyeshadow. The finished result will look something like this. Cool right? Very k-pop looking.
Product: e.l.f. 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette Cool
Now using your foundation from earlier or a lipstick primer or nude colored lipstick, neutralize your lips.
Now using your favorite lipstick, color the center and inside of your lips. This creates a doll like lip. My lipstick looks pinker in this picture—it's actually a berry color.
Product: Clinique Long Last Lipstick FJ Merlot
And there you go. This is my daily routine. I hope it helped! Stay tuned for Potato and Pudding's makeup routine tutorials.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Princess & Potato
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  1. do you have demi lids, hooded lids or monolids?
    i have a demi lid and a hooded lid so i was just wondering what you are so that i can have a guess at how this will look on me

    1. Hi Alice! Thanks for commenting. I have demi lids as well so this will be perfect for you. I draw my eyeliner over my crease on some parts of my eye so that the curve of the liner is smooth across my eye. Also, drawing the line above your eye will prevent it being hidden when you open your eye—which tends to be the problem for anyone with monolids, demilids, hooded lids, etc. Experiment and have fun~