Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Sunday: "Scott McCall" Contouring Makeup Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to be a "teen wolf"?
Or just learn some basic contouring? Here's your chance.

Start with a fresh face. Wash and moisturize your face, put in any contacts you might need (for Scott, I just put in my plain ones), and pin back your hair.
Apply your regular foundation. Blend with a sponge.
Product: Too Cool for School Pudding Aqua Shaking BB
Next apply a darker foundation on the areas indicated. Again, blend with a sponge. 
Product: Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation 818 Light/Medium
 Powder your lips to give them a more neutral tint without completely losing color.
You want to look more masculine, not sick.
Product: Faceshop Phytogenic Infinite Powder Foundation NB25
 Make a 'fishy face' and contour along your cheek with a bronzing brush and powder bronzer.
Apply along all the indicated areas. You may need a eyeshadow brush for some areas.
Product: Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer 739
Create more angles and depth with darker powders and eyeshadow.
Keep within bronze and dark brown shades. Apply in the areas indicated.
Product: e.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzer Matte Bronze,
e.l.f. Spring 32 Piece Eyeshadow Pallete Warm
With either light foundation or eyeshadow, highlight the areas of your face as indicated.
This will create an even starker contrast.
Product:  e.l.f. Spring 32 Piece Eyeshadow Pallete Warm
With eye liner darken/thicken your brows.
Product: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner Black
Since you have a lot of layers of make up on, I recommend setting it. I like to use Urban Decay's De-Stick Makeup Setting Spray (Oil Control). But any setting spray or powder should do the trick.
Well then, this concludes this simple tutorial.
Just throw on a wig and a Beacon Hills hoodie and you're all set to fight off alphas, kanimas, and creepy old grandpas.

Writer: Potato
Photographer: Potato
Model: Potato
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  1. Hi! This is an old post that you've got here and I'm hoping that maybe you get to see this comment :( But I was wondering about what kind of wig it is that you're using? Like what exactly is the name or brand? Thank you so much for your time if you do see this! my email is

  2. Hey! Sorry for the slow reply, I just got back from a trip. Don't ever hesitate to comment, even if the post is old because we get email notifications. Anyway, I ordered my wig off ebay. This is the one I got:
    I then cut and styled it myself. I will say that every time I wear it I look a bit like a middle aged woman at first but then when I comb it out to a greaser style then it looks like how it is in the photos.