Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Meals: BUILD Pizzeria Roma

Customizable fancy pizza?
Yeah, we weren't too sure what to expect either but boy was our experience a pleasant surprise. With its fresh ingredients and clean, modern aesthetic, it's no wonder why this place is always so crowded with hungry customers.

After being seated by your waiter, you might at first be confused as to how this pizza bar thing is supposed to work. You'll receive a slip of paper from your waiter and from there head over to the "Building Department" (cute right?) and they will make your pizza for you! It is worth nothing that there are already "pre-designed" pizzas on the menu if you're unsure about what kinds of toppings you'd like on your pizza.

And here are some of the many, many different toppings ranging from the traditional like pepperoni, tomatoes, and basil to the more unusual—like figs for example.

Potato's customized pizza included these yummy toppings:
Rosso foundation (red sauce)
Jalapenos (Potato's favorite thing ever)
Grilled onions
Italian sausage

I chose the seasonal Autumno pizza. Sooooo good. These were the toppings:
Bianca foundation (no sauce! just garlic butter, olive oil, & spices)
Smoked mozzarella
Brown Turkey figs (so yummy!)
Laura Chenel goat cheese
Kohlrabi microgreens

Oh and here are more pictures of the snazzy decor. Love the typology graphics.

A large pizzeria with food and drinks for both the family crowd and the after-hours crowd, Build is great for a date night or even just as a hangout for a girls night out. We reckon you give it a try.
Food:  Delicious pizza.
Atmosphere:  Bright, fun, and modern.
Service:  Fast but nothing to write home about. The staff was personable enough.
Price: $$ Kinda expensive but worth the price if you have a little more cash on hand.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Pudding
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