Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Special: Chestnut Jam

Sweet and hearty, this jam is a perfect encapsulation of one of the quintessential flavors of the holiday season—that is, the chestnut.
The jam is great if you're planning on serving a Thanksgiving breakfast but also every other day of the year. It's unique and will bring the spirit of the season right to your front door.
2.5 lbs chestnuts (keeping in mind that some may be rotten inside!)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
 1. The first step, definitely the hardest one, is to open up your chestnuts! Now there are many ways to do this. We pretty much just hacked at ours but if you want to be on the safer side, slice an x on the flat side of the chestnut and peel away from the x. Then just slice off all the furriness surrounding the yummy flesh.
2. Next you'll want to boil them until soft. This will take around 20 minutes.
3. Then, mash up the goodies! At this point, you'll want to make the simple syrup for the jam in a separate pot. To do this, boil the water and sugar together until all the sugar has dissolved. Then add the syrup to the mashed chestnuts. Add more or less syrup depending on how thick or thin you want the jam. Then boil the syrup and chestnuts together until it's like the consistency below.
Woaaaaah~ Well would ya look at that. Chestnut jam!
We Got Married Episode 141 "Kangyoon" couple.
We were inspired to make this recipe after watching season four of We Got Married. In other words, you can turn making this recipe into a date activity or some bonding shindig if you want. Definitely worked for the "Kangyoon" couple. Best of luck. ;D

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Potato
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