Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Fashion: DIY Winter Circlets

Icicles, holly, red berries, and snow.
Tis' the season for Christmas Elf Prince and Ice Queen inspired circlets that will make your winter days both merry and bright!

The Christmas Elf Prince Circlet...

22-gauge artistic wire in bronze and gold
Acrylic paint in gold (*glitter paint is optional)
Small red beads
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Small artificial leaves
E-6000 Jewelry and Bead Craft Adhesive
To begin, measure your bronze wire so that it fits around your head, leaving about 8-10 inches excess. Cut another piece of wire the same size. Now bend one of the the wires in a squiggly shape, slowly forming a circle as you make your way along the wire.
 Then taking your other piece of wire, form small almond shaped circles with the first wire by twisting them around each other. One circle will look something like the above picture.
Continue doing this with the rest of your wire until you have something like this! Then wrap the entire wire skeleton around your head to measure the size again. wrap the excess wire like I did in the picture above (the bottom right corner).
Now for the gold wire! This can be tricky and it requires practice but the results are amazing. Take small pieces of gold wire and make swirls or pretty loops so that they kinda mimic the curls on a vine.
 The gold adds dimension to the bronze wire and makes your circlet look extra special. The wire work is now done!
 This is where the fun begins. Take some artificial leaves (I just used the leftovers from the artificial flowers from our Flower Crown Tutorial) and paint them with gold paint, making sure to paint the backs of the leaves as well.
Then, taking your glue very carefully add beads to your circlet. I thought it'd be cute to add them to the gold loops.
Pudding being the perfect elf prince~

The Ice Queen Circlet...

Icy beaded decorative wire (I got this in the wreath making section of Joann's)
E-6000 Jewelry and Bead Craft Adhesive
Wire cutter
Glitter paint
Small plastic/artificial leaves
Small red beads
To make this circlet, take the icy looking wire and cut it to fit the shape of your head, leaving an excess 3 inches. Wrap the excess wire around the main circle of wire. Then decorate by gluing leaves, berries, and leaves (I painted them with the glitter paint). Annnnd you're done!
(Tip: Glue next to beads and not on the wire itself so that your decorations stay put.)

Princess looking cool as an Ice Queen...
...and us getting married? 
And so the Elf Prince and Ice Queen were married and lived happily ever after...

Have a wonderful holiday season~

Writers: Princess & Pudding
Photographer: Potato
Models: Princess & Pudding
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