Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Special: Waterfall Braid Tutorial

A waterfall braid will keep you lookin' classy and oh so fancy for the New Year.

You'll want to first begin with a small section of hair and separate into three strands as you would a normal braid. I've labeled each strand for this to be easier to follow. :)
Then, like a basic braid you'll cross Strand #1 over Strand #2 as shown, followed by Strand #3 over Strand #1.
Okay. So here comes the slightly tricky part, but you'll see that this is very similar to a French braid! I even diagrammed it for y'all.
Following the previous step, you'll want to drop Strand #2, and gather a new strand from the lower half of your head. Then, like a French braid, you'll grab some more hair from the top half of your head and add it to Strand #3. In this step, the only strand that doesn't change is Strand #1.
Keep doing this until you get halfway around your haid. OR if your hair is long enough, you could braid around your entire head! Unfortunately, my hair's on the shorter side at the moment so I made due. Clip your hair with a pretty pin.
Repeat on the other side of your head. And you're done! My version's kind of messy because my hair's short, so I'm sure you guys can do a better job than me. ;D

Dazzle everyone with your Elven braiding skills this New Year's!

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Princess (& her little bro)
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