Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Meals: Lemonade

Californian cuisine is a real thing. Don't believe me? Well, take a look at this bad boy. ;D
Characterized by fresh seasonal ingredients and reinterpretations of your classic comfort food, Lemonade is perfect for some guilt-free, delicious munchies.

Lemonade offers tons of options and is organized like your school cafeteria only healthier and oh so much cuter.

And if you don't like salad, there's also sandwich and hot food options like pot roast even!

Of course, we can't forget about Lemonade's namesake—lemonade! You can sample all the flavors while you're there, but my favorite is the blood range (pictured here). Blueberry mint is also delicious.

But back to the FOOD. I've tried some of their other salad options, but this time I opted for different portions: 1) butternut squash, brussel sprouts, Red Flame grapes, almonds; 2) soba noodle, kimchi marinated  vegetables, toasted peanuts. Both were fresh and most importantly, flavorful! Be creative and keep your options open. Don't be afraid to try vegetables you've never had before—like a watermelon radish? (delish!)

Now, although I'm all for the healthy food options what with the New Year coming up and all, can you really deny yourself the mac 'n cheese when it's staring right at you? Their white truffle mac 'n cheese is simply divine. Gooey and savory (from the truffles, no doubt), it's perfect for the kid in the grown up you!

The decor and atmosphere is so sunny and bright! Lovely~
Food:  Fresh and unique take on your traditional comfort fare. Salads are hit or miss though.
Atmosphere:  Sunny and bright but not some place you would feel comfortable staying for a long chat with a friend. It IS a cafeteria style restaurant after all.
Service:  Quick and the servers are always ready to give you samples!
Price: $$ A bit expensive for just salad but great quality ingredients, nonetheless.

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Photographer: Princess
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