Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Meals: Orochon Ramen

Like ya ramen, s-p-i-c-y? Then Orochon's your guy.
This popular ramen place offers ramen in count this: NINE different levels of spicy. It'll be sure to satisfy your taste for all things hot and karai ("spicy").

I've been to Orochon quite a number of times but this time I got to go with a couple of my girl friends from way back. We all ordered the miso ramen but in varying degrees of spiciness and with different toppings. One of the girls, my oh so cool bff from elementary school ordered the ramen in the first picture of this post. Being the rebel she is she got the "Special 2" (the spiciest broth) with the bamboo sauté. I, on the other hand, ordered the neutral Level 4 with eggs added (the above picture).

And last, but not least, my cute kohai of the same namesake as I ordered the Level 3 ramen with added garlic. All of them were delicious and the portions were huge! Perfect for hungry gals like us~

Next time you're craving some good ramen, I would definitely recommend Orochon!
Food:  Delicious and affordable ramen but not necessarily the best I've had.
Atmosphere:  A bit small and it's mostly outdoor seating. Beware of crowds during their busy hours!
Service:  Nothing particularly special. Polite but that's about it.
Price: $ Affordable.

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