Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Special: "Personal Present"—Wrapping Paper Crop Top & Pleated Skirt Tutorial

The best gift you can give is yourself.
Looking for a cute and sexy present for your lover this holiday season? Say no more with this adorable but sexy wrapping paper crop top + pleated skirt combo.
Wrapping paper
Ribbon, jingle bells, etc. (Optional)

Let's begin with how to make the pleated skirt.
First, you'll want to measure the wrapping paper to your waist, making sure to leave extra room for taping later. You will cut this length of paper in half to make it easier to work with.
Then flip the paper over to the blank side and mark off your pleats. Here, we'll be creating 1" knife pleats so we'll mark off the wrapping paper every 1". (A tutorial on how to make knife pleats can be found here—ignore all the steps about sewing!)
Fold your pleats! You won't need to sew them since paper will stay the shape it's been folded. The first half of your skirt has been completed!
Repeat on the second sheet of wrapping paper.
Cut a strip of wrapping paper a little longer than the full circumference of your waist. You will want the width of this length of paper to be double how thick you want your waistband to be. Then fold this waistband in half as shown.
Now place the folded waistband over the top of the skirt as shown. Tape in place.
Tape the two halves of the skirt together leaving one end untaped so you can put it on later!

Onwards to the crop top.
On more wrapping paper, take a tank top and use it as a stencil to roughly measure out the neckline and armholes of your crop top.
Cut out your neckline and armholes. Repeat for the back of the crop top using the back of the tank top.
Tape the shoulder "straps" together first. Then when ready, tape yourself into the crop top by taping the still open sides...
...or have a friend to help.
Decorate with bells or ribbon, etc.!!
A ribbon bow and bell make for a cute belt!

And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it makes for an exciting addition to your Christmas holiday.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Potato
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