Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trendy Travels: Duke University (& Downtown Durham, NC)

Gothic cathedrals. Pine forests. Winter blooms.
If any of the above peek your interest then you're in for a treat. I journeyed to the distant South to visit a bosom friend at the beautiful Duke University.

Duke Chapel is so wonderfully Gothic. Perfect for your architecture enthusiasts like myself. ;D
I visited Duke in March of this year but after such a cold winter, it seems that the flowers had trouble blooming! Nevertheless, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens offered such wonderful scenery—it was like walking into the forest of Sleepy Hollow!
I mean look at all this—everything was like a fairy tale~
And lest I forget about food. Look at their campus food. Yes, that's a crabcake. LAWD.
Also, I couldn't resist. A cafe had this adorable "honey bunny" dispenser.
 But YES, there's more. We went to Duke's Nasher Museum of Art where we had brunch. And their brunch was amazing. Here's Haley's iced tea with her signature Sweet'N Low.
 I had a latte and goodness look at all the cutlery and silverware. So modern and clean.
 Haley ordered her usual—an eggs benedict without crab meat. (LOOK AT THAT.)
And I ordered the orange-infused French toast casserole which was indeed to die for.
Downtown Durham!
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Duke University and Durham were super beautiful and Haley, my dear, you made it grand and lovely. Hope to see some more next time I visit!

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