Sunday, May 18, 2014

Super Sunday: Flower Arch

April showers bring May flowers... the saying goes. Here's an awesome way to make a beautiful flower arch for your next spring event—weddings, dance parties, and baby showers included!

But first, you'll need these things:
Artistic wire (medium gauge)
Wire cutter
Artificial ivy vine
*Optional: glue gun

And of course...
 Artificial flowers!

And now you're ready to begin!
 First, take your ivy and arrange it an arch shape.
 Now, take your wire and begin winding it around the strand of ivy. This will make the vine sturdier and easier to work with.
 Then taking all the flowers you plan on using, disassemble the branches off the bunches of flowers with wire cutters. You should have individual branches now. (It helps to have a few friends to help you!)
 At this point, using your handy spool of wire again, wrap the wire around both the ivy and a branch at the same time. You can also wrap the branch around the vine first (since the branch is made of wire you should be able to bend it) and then wrap the artistic wire around the vine and branch to reinforce it.
As you're working, make sure to fill in all bald patches. You can also use your glue gun to glue in flowers if necessary.
And you're done! Pretty simple, though it requires a bit of work. It's the perfect craft project for a large group of friends. Have fun and stay pretty~

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Potato
Model: Yang Qu
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  1. Love this!! Where did you get your artificial flowers from? Thanks!