Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Meals: Koryo Wood Charcoal B.B.Q.

In case you ever feel a desire for glorious amounts of meat and banchan, Korean side dishes.

Ignoring the blurry peeps, look how big and nice this place is! It's perfect for large gatherings which is quite unusual for a Korean BBQ place.
Ohh maaa gaaaww banchan. For those who don't know, Korean restaurants generally offer free refills of these side dishes unless otherwise specified. There was an amazing variety although I would have liked there to have been gamja jjorim (honey glazed potatoes).
Oh and look at that protein. We apologize for not having any juicier pictures, but all the standard fare (galbi, bulgogi, etc.).

Overall we would say that this is one of the better Korean BBQ places in the area! Unfortunately we weren't given any sikye for dessert—our only real complaint.
Food:  Good but no sikhye!
Atmosphere:  Not the best location—the worst intersection crossing ever! But it's a big restaurant, unlike most KBBQ places.
Service:  Very accommodating and friendly.
Price: $$ Pretty expensive as many KBBQ places go.

Writer: Princess & Pudding
Photographer: Princess & Pudding
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