Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Meals: CU Sushi

Craving sushi rolls but don't know where to start?
CU Sushi offers an amazing variety of gourmet sushi rolls like the Lion Roll or Caterpillar Roll as well as standard Japanese comfort foods like curry rice. It is worth noting however that this is Korean-run and so Korean-Japanese fusion food also is on the menu!

Pudding and I like to joke that CU Sushi is our go-to place for noms after class and for good reason! It's reasonably priced and is pretty satisfying if you're looking for your sashimi or sushi fix.
What I loved about CU Sushi is the salmon sashimi with rice! You can also order it with tuna but I love the creaminess of salmon a bit more. Drizzled in a tangy dressing, this dish is a refreshing and healthy meal for those of you still looking to keep those New Year's resolutions!
Pudding ordered the Palm Spring roll, her favorite, which includes fresh tuna and tomato on top of a bed of California rolls. It's delicious and healthy as well!

CU Sushi offers a great selection of Japanese and Japanese-Korean fusion foods for a reasonable price. It's in a comfy location, though a bit cramped at times—especially if you've been hauling around a huge backpack all day. Overall, it is a consistently good spot to satisfy your cravings for some Asian cuisine!
Food: Good selection of sushi rolls.
Atmosphere:  Comfy but a little small.
Service: Fast but nothing special.
Price: $$ Reasonably priced but not the cheapest rolls we've seen!

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Princess & Pudding
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