Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Fashion: Ashy Lavender Hair Tutorial

Lavender hair is all the rage for spring, and it's easier and safer to get than you think!
This tutorial will leave you looking extra magical for your spring break adventures~ (◡‿◡✿)

What you will need:
Color Oops Hair Remover (if your hair has been pre-dyed)
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Ultra Lightening Blondes for Naturally Dark Hair: LB3
*Hair bleaching kit (I used Splat's)
(*You can also buy a 30 volume developer—use this if you have thicker, darker hair—to mix with some hair bleach powder. Just follow the instructions for the quantities to mix!)
Purple hair dye (I used Raw's in Deep Purple)
Conditioner (a cheap one is perfect)
Hair color brush and bowl
Hair care before, after, & during
Keratin treatment
Argan oil
Purple shampoo (or conditioner with purple dye mixed in!)

First, the hair dye stripping! (Skip this step if your hair is not currently dyed.)

I started off with my hair being a dark brown color and so to make it easier on myself, I used a hair color remover to strip off the dye. There is no ammonia in this so it's not very damaging but your hair will feel dry because your hair's natural oils will have been stripped away along with the dye! Condition as much as you can at this point, and buy some argan oil and keratin treatment if you can to strengthen and moisturize your hair! Do this for a couple days before moving onto the next step…

Next, the hair lightening (oh, boy…)

After stripping my hair, it became a orange brown. As you can see, my roots are also still black so to even out my and lighten my overall hair color, I used Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Ultra Lightening line. There is, again, no ammonia in this and so it lightens without harming my hair as much as bleach. Following this step, I recommend waiting about a week if not more to finally bleach your hair.
So after about a week, apply the bleach to your hair. I've read many a blog post suggesting that people stay away from box bleaches but I haven't had any trouble personally with it being particularly more damaging than professional salon bleach. Either way, you will be damaging your hair no matter what! Now, if you're weary of bleaching your hair because your hair is weak and prone to breakage, I suggest visiting a salon to bleach it or buying professional grade bleach. I personally am very protective of my hair so I completely understand. However, my hair's pretty strong and thick so I haven't had issues with home bleaching. Once you finish bleaching, you can dye your hair lavender at any time because there won't be any damage from the dye!
So here's my hair color progression. You want to make your hair as close to light blonde as possible! For me, a light lemon yellow is the lightest I can get my hair without toning. Only by toning your hair with a purple toner can you get platinum hair which is the ideal base for any pastel color. But for some of us who don't have the patience for that, light yellow is fine for the ashy lavender I achieved and also for pink hair—which I have also had in the past.

On to the lavender!

To get this ashy lavender, you'll want to mix a purple dye with your conditioner. Raw's Deep Purple is a blue violet (as you can see from the strands of baby blue hair) but if you want a pinker lavender you can use Splat's Lusty Lavender. Manic Panic, the favorite extreme hair color brand, has both blue and red violets and their hair dyes are pretty reliable overall.  Feel free to experiment!

Now add whatever shade of purple to your mixing bowl filled with conditioner. I added only about a half teaspoon to a teaspoon of purple to my conditioner. Mix and then cover your hair in it. I leave it on for at least two hours and some people even leave the dye mix on their hair overnight! It's basically going to be a deep conditioning treatment that simultaneously colors your hair!

Rinse whenever you're ready and use a keratin treatment and argan oil. To maintain the color of your hair, you can buy a purple shampoo or you can mix some dye into your conditioner to freshen up the lavender!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and cheers to happy days with fairy hair ahead, hehe.

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Princess & Potato
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