Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fashion: 2NE1 "Come Back Home" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

With a dash of Bom's pink + teal eye shadow, a splash of CL and Minzy's eye liner game, and a pinch of Dara's glitter...
... you too can achieve the "Come Back Home" sci-fi look.

Apply primer and a fair BB creme/foundation. I've given tips to foundation application in earlier tutorials that you can find under our beauty tag.
Here I already went ahead and completed one eye.
 First line your eye with a cream or gel eye liner with the wing pointing more up than out. The eye liner should appear above the curve of your eye when open. Feel free to define the edge with a liquid eye liner.
Next use a pink eye shadow to apply right above the eye liner.
Then apply a rose gold or maroon eye liner along the lower water line.
With liquid eye liner apply along the lower water line from the center of your eye out. Line slightly beyond the outer edge of your eye along the horizontal plane of the bottom of your eye.
Products: Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, E.L.F. Spring 32 Piece Eyeshadow Pallete Warm, Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Liner Brandy Wine, and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Black
 Apply a glittery teal/aqua eye shadow along the bottom and on the lined part of the top of your eye. Next add a gold/champagne glittery eye shadow above where you lined your eye.
Product: NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette
Curl your lashes before applying fake lashes. When placing your lashes, line them along the top peak of your eye and let them flay out horizontally, slightly above the falling curve of your eye. Fill in black eye liner where needed.
 Pat your lips with foundation. Then apply a light nude lip gloss and seal with a clear gloss.
Products: E.L.F. Hypershine Gloss Fairy and Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Crystal Clear Gloss
Seal your make up with loose powder or spray.
Now you're all set to incite your own futuristic revolution.

Writer: Potato
Photographer: Potato
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