Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Special: DIY Tied Up Bunny Ears

Hey lovely bunnies! Got your ears tied up in love?
Follow this easy craft tutorial for your own set of ears.

What do I need?
All you need is some fabric, scissors, a medium width headband, thin garden/flower arrangement wire, needle, thread, and hot glue.
And if you have a sewing machine, you can speed up the process. :)
Bend the garden wire loosely in half and twist the bottom ends together.
Make two of these.
On the inner side of the fabric (the non showing side) trace long the wire ear, leaving a 1/2 inch of space around it. Make four of these templates.
Cut out the ear shape and put two pieces together. Make sure the good sides of the fabric (the side you want to show at the end) are facing each other. Sew along the edges but leave the small bottom slit unsewn.
Repeat for the other ear.
After sewing all around, flip the fabric inside out through the small slit you left open.
Insert the wire ear into the fabric ear sleeve.
Bend the bottom of the wire of each ear into a 90° angle.
Place one flat bottom of the ear on top of the other, making sure that one looks like and "L" shape and the other looks like a backwards "L".
Adhere all of it together onto the center of the headband with a glue gun.
Cut out a small strip of fabric and adhere it tightly around the bonded center piece and the under side of the headband. This will secure the attachment of the three pieces together.
Twist the two ears together a couple times.
Cut another piece of fabric out and glue the two long ends together.
With the glue seam facing towards the twist of the ears, wrap and glue the strip around the base of the twist. This will create the illusion of a knot without creating chunkiness.

If you want your headband to match the ears, make a sleeve for the headband and put it on before doing any gluing of the ears.
The result is super sweet and cute.
Just look at our kouhai here! <3

Writer: Potato
Photographer: Potato
Model: Erica-kouhai
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