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Friday Fashion: Pudding's Makeup Routine Tutorial

Follow along for one of my basic make-up routines!

I tend to do a plethora of different things in the morning, but I tried to cut it down to
the bare basics of what I need to do in order to leave the apartment looking human.

UGGGGHHHHH rolls groan mm ngh. Good morning.

This is my make-up box of wonder. :) I bought it at Target for around $20 &
I absolutely love it! It comes with keys so you can lock it and it keeps all my
things from getting dusty.

These are the things I'll be using:

(1) Make Up Forever Professional HD Foundation (123 Desert): 
This has got to be my favorite foundation. It's liquid-based and made for pictures.
**NOTE: I ended up choosing one of the darker shades to match the skin tone of
the rest of my body more. When I do more of an Asian-style-type make-up I tend
to use my BB Cream, that keeps my face a lighter color.

(2) Cosmetic Wedges (Makeup Sponges):
I just bought these from Target~ they're super cheap and I use them every time I
apply my foundation, and sometimes to blend out my concealer.

(3) EM Cosmetics' The Great Cover Up (Medium Neutral/Cool):
To be honest, I've only tried 2 kinds of concealer, a drug store concealer and
this one-- but I definitely love this one much more than the former.

(4) Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12HR Blush (Blissful):
FAVORITE. BLUSH. EVER. I don't know if I'm willing to try any other blush ever
again. This stuff comes on well, stays on, and it's the perfect amount of subtle for me.

(5) ELF's Kabuki Face Brush:
As many of you may be aware already, ELF's products are always a hit and miss.
They're absolutely perfect for beginners because they essentially have everything
you could ever ask for from a make-up brand and it's absurdly cheap. This brush
is one of the greatest hits, imo. :) It's super soft and I tried to replace it with brushes
made for putting on blush but they really can't compare to this jewel.

(6) MAC's Select Sheer Pressed Powder (NC30):
Because I love using liquid foundation and I'm too impatient to wait for it to dry/get
less shiny, I've invested in this pressing powder. & because I use products from
different brands, it does this awesome thing where it evens out my skin-tone at the
end. It's also lasted me the longest time and I use it nearly every day~

(7) Benefit's Sun Beam (highlighter):
This actually came in a pack with the lip/cheek tints in Posietint and Cha Cha tint.
Even though I have EM's Chiaroscuro for both contouring and highlighting, I still
use Sun Beam because it has a goldfish undertone that goes well with my skin.
I usually use it on my nose but it can also be used high on your cheeks!

(8) Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in (Intense Black):
I have tried way too many different brands of eye liner from drug store brands to
the higher end stuff and Stila's is definitely one of my favorites, if not, my current
favorite. It has a felt tip pen that allows for very precise eyeliner~ Although I will
admit it takes a bit longer to use it because of this, it'll definitely save you some
time if you're impatient like me and have to re-do your eyeliner a billion times.

And as if I haven't been typing enough, here are some "extras" that I thought I should include:

(1) Urban Decay's Primer Potion: 
This is actually for eyeshadow but I'm trying to finish it up before buying another
primer for my eyes. It still works great and it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY when
I use (3).

(2) EM's Waterliner (Ro's Gold):
This rose gold waterliner is absolutely amaze balls. It comes on easily and lasts
for most of the day. Retouching once will probably do the trick, but I don't carry
it around with me. It's perfect both as an eyeliner and waterliner and it even comes
with a sharper if you pull out the smudger on the opposite end. Definitely planning
on buying this in black. This can be applied on the corner of the eyes or on the bottom
waterline to create the illusion of larger eyes.

(3) Maybelline's Line Stiletto Liquid Liner (Brownish Black J002):
So I loooove this thing. It is one of my favorite drug store make-up purchases and it's
perfect for a more natural look-- and not as bold at my Stila in blackest black. It is a lot
lighter than it sounds-- a color akin to melted milk chocolate. I had the problem of it
coming off easily but with UD's Primer Potion it literally stays on all day. One of my
favorite things about it is that it has this easy applicator that isn't a brush or isn't felt..
it's sort of like plastic? I'm not sure what it is but I can put my eyeliner on in 5 seconds
thanks to that thing. 

Word of Advice: DON'T BUY THIS IN BLACK. It kind of really sucks.

(4) EM's Chiaroscuro (Light):
It's a pen with two ends, one for contouring and the other for highlighting. As I
mentioned before, I don't use the highlighter but it still works great! (just a little
glittery) I use the contour pen on my nose and cheeks-- definitely recommend this.

After I wash my face with warm water and put on my contacts I usually start with my
foundation. If it's dry out / cold / winter time I put moisturizer on first.

I put one pump (about the size of a pea) on my makeup sponge and just use my
finger to spread it as dots all over my face. I'm not sure if this really helps in the
application onto my skin but, it's the easiest way for me to even it out.

After I use the makeup sponge to even it out completely I use my finger to apply
concealer onto areas like under my eyes, imperfections, and a place I think a lot
people miss: under your nose! It sounds silly but assuring it's the same color as
the rest of your face makes you look much healthier ^^!

To set it and even out my skin tone I use my pressing powder.

Next I use my blush on my cheek bones and occasionally bring it up to my temples,
on level with my eyes-- but focusing on my cheeks.

I wasn't sure how to take a picture but: I add just a stroke of the highlighter on the top 
of my nose and spread it with my finger-- closer to my knuckle than the pad of my finger
so it doesn't spread so much~

OKAY. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT: I am the worst at putting on eyeliner.
I used to flick the end up in mini cat-eyes but as of recent I've grown an affinity to
pointing them down (: It looks much less bold and sassy lol.

I didn't include it but, I use gel eye liner for my waterline/between my lashes.

TADAAAAAA. Omg that was long T_T

As per lips: I usually use Stewart & Claire in Bare but I also love Fresh's Sugar
for tinted lip balm and lip gloss. ... I can probably write a whole post about lips.

Anyway! At the end of the day I usually just wipe my face down with some variation
of Ponds facial wipes. :)

.o♡ LOVE Y'ALL o。.

Writer: Pudding
Photographer: Pudding

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