Friday, February 13, 2015

Stupid Cupid: A Valentine's Day Romance

Stupid Cupid you're a real mean guy
I'd like to clip your wings so you can't fly
I'm in love and it's a crying shame
And I know that you're the one to blame
Hey hey, set me free
Stupid Cupid stop picking on me
- Connie Francis
Sweet red and pink looks for that special someone this Valentine's Day.

But first, our story...

Princess: Let's go out this Valentine's Day~
Pudding: Sure thing, doll.
Princess: I can't wait!
Pudding: Looks like I'm gonna need some backup.
Cupid (Potato): You rang? I'm here to help you with your Valentine's Day dilemma!
Cupid: Here ya go!
Pudding: Wow this is perfect! Thanks.
Princess: Oh no, he has someone else he likes. I should leave...
Pudding: You weren't at the meeting spot so I stopped by to give you this instead.
Oh! What's wrong?
Princess: already have someone else.
Pudding: What do you mean? The one I love is you, doll.
Cupid: Sorry for the confusion. I'm Cupid. Pudding contacted me earlier about helping him buy gifts for some special girl this Valentine's Day. I guess he must have!
And all was happy ever after.

Princess's Outfit
Dress: H&M
Headband: Bought at a fair
Purse: Syndrome

Pudding's Outfit
Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Uniqlo

Potato's Outfit
Dress: Forever 21
Hat: Gift
Shoes: Zara

Writer: Princess
Photographer:  Princess & Potato
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