Sunday, November 2, 2014

Super Sunday: Cherry Cola Red Hair Tutorial

Ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!
A quirky punk twist on your standard red hair.
Here's what I looked like pre-dye. I had a chestnut brown color so adjust the dye accordingly  if you have lighter or darker hair.
Now on to the fun stuff. 
Put on a ratty T-shirt or cover up of some sort first because this will stain! (I also highly suggest putting some Vaseline around your hairline and your ears!)
Then after you've done that, in a bowl mix Splat's Crimson Obsession with some cheap conditioner—whatever you have on hand—to lighten the color a bit. 
For my hair, I decided to add about 2 tablespoons of conditioner. If you have lighter hair, add more conditioner and if you have darker hair, you might not need conditioner at all!
Apply to your hair and wait at least 2 hours. Then rinse with cold water!
[Tip: the dye will look a few shades darker than it will look when it actually goes on your head!]
Annnnd you're done! Note that your hair will continue bleeding red dye for a few washes so keep that in mind when you decide to use a white towel or decide to wear a white T-shirt right after coming out of the shower...

In any case, have fun with your rockin' red hair this autumn!

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