Sunday, November 23, 2014

Super Sunday: Autumn Colored Hair Tutorials

Looking to warm up your look for the cold weather ahead? Hair colors inspired by the beautiful leaves of autumn will do the trick.

Here we give you hair dye suggestions in two categories: "natural" and "wild." "Natural" suggestions are calmer, healthier dyes whereas "wild" ones are for when you want that perfect color with or without potential damage. Of course, hair dye works differently on different textures and colors of hair—we work with thick Asian hair here at PriPoPu. In any case, if you're ever worried about hair damage, see a professional! Otherwise, dye away!!
Natural: Natural Instincts 20B Cinnamon Stick
Wild: Palty Bitter Cappuccino
Natural: Splat Crimson Obsession (without pre-bleach)
Wild: Splat Crimson Obsession (with pre-bleaching)
Natural/Wild: Splat Lusty Lavender (without pre-bleaching)
Wild: Lusty Lavender (with pre-bleaching) 
Black Cherry
Natural: Garnier Olia 4.60 Dark Intense Auburn
Wild: Palty Raspberry Macaroon
Natural: Splat Lusty Lavender + Conditioner (without pre-bleaching)
Wild: Splat Lusty Lavender + Conditioner (with pre-bleaching)
Natural: Natural Instincts 16 Spiced Tea
Wild: Palty Juicy Peach
Natural: Natural Instincts Medium Cool Blonde
Wild: Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color Peach (with pre-bleaching)
Burnt Umber
Natural: Natural Instincts 20 Hazelnut
Wild: Palty Ganache Tart
Blood Orange
Natural: Natural Instincts 15RG Light Golden Red
Wild: Palty Sakura Creamy
Burnt Sienna
Natural: Garnier Olia 6.43 Light Natural Auburn
Wild: Palty Pure Natural

Good luck and enjoy! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Writer: Princess
Photographers:  PriPoPu
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