Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Meals: Cancun

Good Mexican food in the East Bay? Oh my!
With its extravagant variety of salsas and classic dishes, Cancun is our go-to spot for those quesadilla cravings.

Ok but first, we have to talk about their drinks! Here's there Pineapple Agua Fresca. Potato and Pudding thought it was refreshing and lovely. Pudding also tells me that all their Agua Frescas are wonderful, as a rule.
Horchata! I love horchata and Cancun does not disappoint. It was perfectly creamy and well-spiced.
The salsa bar is Cancun's trademark. Be sure to have their garlic salsa (my favorite) and if you're feeling adventurous, their strawberry salsa!
Pudding, the quesadilla lover that she is, swears by their quesadilla! It has everything—meat, guacamole, sour cream, salsa fresca, grilled tomatillo salsa, and Jack cheese—all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.
I ordered their regular burrito which has beans, Jack cheese, salsa fresca, grilled tomatillo salsa, and meat. Not the best burrito I've had to be honest, but pretty filling nonetheless.
And being the carnivore that she is, Potato ordered the beef fajitas which were delicious as well and served with fresh ingredients.
California-Spanish style architecture really sets the restaurant apart from the restaurants in the area.
Look how cute the interior is! It's warm and colorful—a perfect place to hang out and have your noms.
Food:  Not the best Mexican place we've been to but it's our favorite in Berkeley.
Atmosphere:  Large, open, warm, and so inviting.
Service:  You order at the counter so not much service in general.
Price: $$ Affordable but pretty expensive for Mexican food (especially if you're from LA like I am!

Writer: Princess
Photographer: PriPoPu
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