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Trendy Travels: Backyard Bay - Emeryville

A growing economic center in the East Bay, Emeryville is only a short ride away from Berkeley or Oakland and is your one stop and shop for all your commercial needs.

But before we get to all the nitty, gritty bits about Emeryville, this is partially a fashion blog after all…

Princess's Outfit
Cardigan: Thrift (Ann Taylor)
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
I have a thing for red shoes…and these heel are supah comfy!
Also…look at my new haircut! Yeah, not much of a transformation but there's nothing quite like a nice visit to the salon to leave you sitting pretty~

Potato's Outfit
Dress: Thrift
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Sun care is always important and a pair of sunglasses will make any outfit glamorous instantaneously!
Look it Potato looking all cool and whatnot waiting for AC Transit to take us to our destination!

On that note, let's move on to our travel tips for your next visit to Emeryville.

Here's the lowdown!

Beginning with…Transportation:
BART (for when you're anywhere else in the Bay Area)
AC Transit (for when you're in Berkeley—take the F Bus towards SF),
Emery Go-Round (for when you're in Emeryville! AND IT'S FREE)

Here's a map of the route you'll be taking if you take the Emeryville Go-Round!

As the map indicates, there will be 3 main stops we'll be making on this tour:
1. East Baybridge Shopping Center (not shown here! but I recommended stop)
2. Bay Street Shops
3. Public Market

The East Baybridge Shopping Center is a strip mall with a Target, Michael's, Best Buy, Toys-R-Us, etc. There isn't much to see really but it's great if you're looking to do some crafts like the ones featured on our blog: Crafts!

Another frequent stop of ours depicted below is the Bay Street Mall. Complete with a Forever 21, H&M, Sephora, and even a Uniqlo, if you're lookin' to buy some new duds, Bay Street will probably have what you're looking for.

We understand that Bay Street has been the center of much controversy because of its originally being an Ohlone Indian burial ground and shellmound prior to its use as a toxic waste site and subsequent conversion into a shopping mall. However, it is also important that the mall has provided work and job opportunties to many since its completion in 2002. What is important now is to support Ohlone rememberance and activism with people who do care so very much about this sacred ancestral site. It is not the individuals who are employed by the mall but rather developers and politicians whom this political activism should be target to.
To learn more about the movement, keep up to date with news from local Bay Area resources!

Our final stop: Public Market

Public Market is one of the more unknown destinations in Emeryville but it's a great place to get different ethnic foods for pretty cheap. It also hosts various art, culture, and music events so be sure to keep up-to-date with them here: Public Market Emeryville.

We all ended up ordering from Wazwan Indian Cuisine. What can we say? We're always ready for some good Indian food. :D

Yummy right? Well, we hoped you enjoyed this adventure to yet another rather unexplored part of the Bay!

Writer: Princess
Photographer:  Potato
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