Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Meals: Nanayiro (& Henry's)

"The Kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance." - Terry Pratchett
Wherein Pudding treats her baka friend to delicious Japanese food :>

When you order a meal it comes with the best salad ever and some
miso soup! I generally don't eat too much of the salad at restaurants
but this is DELICIOUS. Primarily because of some bomb dressing they
use that's a perfect mix of sweet and savory.

We also ordered a Coke and I had some Arizona Iced Tea (full bottle! yay).

This is the chirashi don I ordered :B 15 pieces of sashimi over sushi rice
with seaweed salad, and your usual radish and wasabi. I want to tell y'all
what kinds of sashimi they gave me but it was only listed as "15 assorted
pieces of sashimi." But I love getting this because this place is known for
it's fresh sashimi! :) & the sushi rice beneath is the best I've ever had.

My birthday boy friend ordered the chicken katsu curry meal.
It was derishus. I was sort of expecting more curry but it's more
so the flavoring of sauce you see poured over the chicken katsu
(a type of Japanese fried chicken). His meal also came with
seaweed salad, broccoli, and shredded cabbage.

I got him some fried tempura "birthday cake" haha :3
Unlike most places Nanayiro has a layer of actual cake in their tempura ice cream. It isn't the first time I've had it like this so I can say with confidence that it wasn't the best I've had-- the cake was a bit soggy and the outside wasn't as crispy as it could have been but nonetheless it was good. Something strange though: on the menu, under desserts, it says in a small italicized font that they can drizzle chocolate (as seen above) upon request. Weird.

Overall the place is alright. It's pricier than other Japanese restaurants
close by so I wouldn't go very often but their chirashi don is sOO GOOD.
I could honestly eat the sushi rice by itself-- it's so sweet and delicious~

The waitresses were alright-- I'd say they were polite enough-- and a man
who seemed to be the owner was rather attentive. They have lollipops for you
to snag at the end, too ;P

Excuse my ghetto instagram picture :B 
A ~cool~ friend, baka birthday boy, and I stopped by a bar after dinner.

It's a local place right by campus and attached to a hotel. So unfortunately,
this baka friend of mine got too excited and ordered the regular mojito (left)
for me with intentions of ordering what you see on the right. Both were good,
but I have to say the LPR Mojito was really good. We also shared an order
of "Angry" Mac & Cheese. Also very delicious and just the perfect amount of
spicy for someone who isn't too keen with spicy food.

LPR Mojito: Fresh mint and limes muddled with Malibu coconut rum,
mango puree, and a splash of pomegranate juice
"Angry" Mac & Cheese: three cheese sauce, garlic, Sambal Oeleck, tomato & scallions

Nanayiro Review
Food:  anything between a 3-4.5
Atmosphere:  cute and clean
Service:  perhaps closer to a 3.5
Price: $$$ 

Henry's Review
Food: we've only had an appetizer, but it was a 5/5
Atmosphere:  your average bar. but it had huge tvs :)
Service:  attentive and kind~
Price: $$

Writer: Pudding
Photographer: Pudding

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