Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lunar New Year Special: Sheep Bento

Happy Year of the Sheep! 
Here's a how-to guide for a cute sheep themed bento this new year.
Cooked white rice
Soy sauce
White cheese (ex: Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, etc.)
Seaweed sheets
"Tohato Pai Cro Butter Sugar" Croissant Snacks
-*Optional Sides*-

Sheep Onigiri (On Left)
1. Divide up a small portion of the rice to dye for the face.
2. Add soy sauce to the rice until you get your desired color.
3. Form a small ball out of this color. Then take plain white rice and surround it.
(I suggest doing this on a sheet of plastic wrap for a less messy finish.
4. Now make ears out of the plain rice and attach them to the face.
5. Cut out cheese for the horns and the inner part of the ears. Attach.
6. Then cut out eyes, a nose, and mouth out of seaweed and attach to the face too.
Ram Onigiri (On Right)
1. Make a ball out of some plain white rice.
2. Cut out a small oval from the seaweed sheets and attach to the rice ball for the face.
3. Cut out eyes, a nose, and mouth for the face. Attach.
4. If you can get your hands on them, use the croissant snacks listed above for the ram horns. Otherwise, you can cut out horns from cheese as well. Attach.

Now place everything in a bentou box with any of your favorite side dishes.

Writer: Princess
Photographers:  Princess
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