Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Meals: YakiniQ

Peach soju and All-You-Can-Eat KBBQ? Oh my!
If you happen to be in SF's Japantown but have a craving for some Korean food, here's the place to go.

 ...but before you decide to come here, you better make sure that you come in before the dinner hour because this place is always packed!
And I speak only semi-ironically when I say that the soft grunge feel of this place is great.
To start things off, you'll have your typical banchan: bean sprouts, kimchi, japchae, potato salad, etc.
Don't be afraid to ask for refills of any of your favorites! FYI, this applies to almost any Korean restaurant unless they're not...
And yes, the aforementioned peach soju as promised. Peach candy flavored liquor—who can resist? The color is pretty pretty as well. 
Then of course our main course. MEAT! We tried pretty much everything but a favorite would have to be the miso pork belly.
In addition, something we should note is that they limit galbi orders to only one plate per person. So if you adhere to a strictly galbi diet at KBBQs then this might not be the best place. Also, bulgogi costs extra?! More expensive cuts of meat for us then. 
(Pictured above: galbi, pork belly, beef intestine)
Also because Potato's seafood of all time is squid, we had to order some of that. Kinda looks like a crab in the picture though, I think.
Look at us dorks. I would say YakiniQ was a great way to end our beach photoshoot day which you should all stay tuned for!
Food:  Meat was okay but not the best we've had! Also the place could do with more types of banchan.
Atmosphere:  Soft-grunge...also ventilation needs an upgrade. There was so much smoke in the air.
Service:  Super quick but not particularly friendly.
Price: $$ Very affordable liquor and all-you-can-eat!

Writer: Princess
Photographer: Potato
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